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  • Volta
    Volta Charging is a San Francisco-based electric vehicle charging and media company that offers free charge sessions for electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid plug-in electric vehicles (HPEV). All of Volta’s charging stations are connected to 55-inch […]
  • Charging Stations Near Me
    If you’re looking for an electric vehicle charging station in your area, I recommend trying the PlugShare application iOS and Android, it can also be used on the web. PlugShare has mapped and cataloged more […]
  • Vegan Leather
    There’s no denying that leather occupies an exceptional place in fashion. So a nice-looking pair of vegan leather pants or a functional bag is a must for anyone looking to make their closet cruelty-free and […]

festival crowd with hands in the air

Vegandale is a food festival in Chicago, Illinois. Hundreds of people gather downtown every summer to celebrate animal welfare and sustainability.

Volta chargers are conveniently located near places where people already spend time, like the parking lots of grocery stores, restaurants, fitness centers, and other shopping hotspots.

black and white reduce reuse and recycle sign

Recycling effectively prevents certain items from ending up in landfills or incinerators and makes them suitable for reuse.

woman holding tape measurer around waist

Plant-based diets are more than just a strategy for promoting sustainable agriculture, they can also improve weight loss efforts and reduce heart disease risks. 

wheat crops field

Store-bought seitan can come with extra sodium, flavoring, preservatives, or oils. The best way to avoid subtracting from the nutritional quality of your seitan is to make it yourself.

slab of raw beef

Epicurious made it obvious that they were leaving beef behind for climate change, and posted that “… think of this decision as not anti-beef but rather pro-planet”.

veganism for everybody

Beginning this October, 2021, cafeterias at 20 Berlin universities will make their menus 68% vegan, 48% vegetarian, and 4% meat and fish.

barbeque (BBQ) seitan strips

This recipe was exciting to try out and took 3 tries to perfect! Of course, there is more than one way to do it and we encourage you to add your own original flavors to the meal. If you tried barbeque (BBQ) seitan “ribs” out our way, leave us a comment and tell us what you thought. If you happened to make your own version of this recipe, we would love to give your recipe a try, so please share!