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The Arctic Has Warmed Nearly Four Times Faster Than the Globe

Mika Rantanen and colleagues conclude that Arctic amplification is presently happening at higher ratios than what’s been reported by past studies… Read

Unextractable Fossil Fuels In A 1.5 °C World

fossil fuels emissions

New research published in the British scientific journal, Nature, finds that limiting average global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2 degrees Celsius at most) relative to preindustrial levels will require ambitious reductions in fossil fuel use… Read

Changes In Ocean Climate

study published in the Scientific Reports journal suggests that human-caused climate change is altering ocean temperatures… Read

Wealth Inequality and Climate Change

This study projects further intensification of extreme heat events in the near and long term future, which will disproportionately affect people in low-income regions… Read

The Environmental Impact of GMOs

GMO corn maize plant crop

GMO adoption can increase crop growth, enhance carbon absorption and mitigate tilling and forest clearing-related emissions… Read

Emperor Penguins Are Threatened By Climate Change Crisis

Researchers have reasoned that sea-ice loss and glacial calving have been accelerated do to anthropogenic climate change. Therefore, survival rates for certain species have declined… Read

The Ocean Twilight Zone

DNA double helix molecule strands

A new study simulates the physical conditions that cause environmental DNA samples to move through the twilight zones… Read

How Has Climate Change Affected Yellowstone Amphibians?

As habitats continue to heat up and dry out under the influence of climate change, certain amphibians that move across Yellowstone will likely experience increasing loss of habitable zones… Read

Climate Change Impacts On Birds and Mammals

Australian Pelican (Pelecanus conspicillatus)

The longer the duration of the original studies, the more likely authors were to infer that the observed changes in taxonomic groups were due to climate change rather than climate variability… Read

What Are the Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change on Alpine Systems?

Though all biomes across the globe are predicted to be impacted by climate change, freshwater systems in alpine and pre-alpine regions may be disproportionately at risk due to agriculture and hydropower plants… Read

Baleen Whales Eat 3 Times As Much As Previously Thought Read

Climate Change Adds $8 Billion to Hurricane Sandy’s Costs of Damages Read