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Vegandale is a food festival in Chicago, Illinois. Hundreds of people gather downtown every summer to celebrate animal welfare and sustainability. Approved Vegandale vendors are allowed to sale cruelty-free products, such as soaps, fashion, foods and drinks. The Chicago event is essentially an outdoor party that brings people from across the country together.

Vegandale’s cultural attractions are just as important as its food, it includes music, contests, performing artists, etc. For this reason, it attracts vegans as well as meat-eaters, and everyone in between. So while sampling great tasting plant-based foods, visitors can also be entertained.

Vegandale takes place at Grant Park, 100 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL.

Vegandale Chicago

Vegans and vegetarians are welcome to apply as vendors at Vegandale in Chicago. Visit their website to contact a representative for merchant opportunities. The event is 100% vegan, so all products must be free of animal derivatives. Vegandale emphasizes the moral imperative for the vegan lifestyle. Chicagoans are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try products that avoid animal exploitation. 

 Vegandale Tickets

Chicago Vegandale tickets are available online here. “Early Bird” tickets are only $10.00. Vegandale also has “Chicago Pack of 4” tickets for sale for $30.00. The tickets permit access to the event from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. Vegandale allows children ages 12 and under to be admitted for free, as long as an adult ticket holder accompanies them. 


People attend vegan festivals to share creative vegan and vegetarian dishes every year. The dishes on offer are ideal for clean eaters or anyone who’s dieting. These foods are generally light in calories and shouldn’t make you drowsy as you move through your day in Chicago. If you have not already been to a vegan festival, consider adding Vegandale to your list of stops.

Food festivals in Chicago can usually be a pain for parking; luckily, Vegandale suggests that its participants use Millennium Park Garage and Millennium Lakeside Garage. If driving is not an option, public transportation (train or bus) will certainly be your next best bet. If all else fails, consider renting a Divvy bike from one of the city’s 608 stations.

Goodfood Chicago

Goodfood is a well-known international food vendor. They will likely make another appearance at the next Vegandale gethering. Other vendors at the event include:

  • Vegan Street Food Chicago
  • The Bakehouse
  • Cinnaholic
  • Native Foods
  • Sweet Vegan Bites
  • Happy Bottom
  • Unearth Goodness
  • Mermaid’s Munchies
  • Danie’s Natural Juice Blends
  • Gr8 Bakes, Paulie Gee’s
  • Kale My Name
  • Justveggies
  • Vegan Bakers Man

Chicago Vegan Fest

If you’re a Chicago resident or just visiting, check to see if there are any vegan festivals that you might be interested in nearby. These fests make for a great time in the windy city during the summer. Whether you are going on a romantic date, vacationing with friends, or backpacking solo, events like Vegandale are well worth the price of admission.  

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